Comfort and safety for your job

Seat is a strong and dynamic company, where innovation and know-how work together to give life to hight quality products, with the aim to improve our customers’ daily activities.

Improve life quality inside and outside the company by production ​​of materials in respect of environment, to live well today and even better in the future:
– collaborating with customers, valuable source of information, for the realization of high quality standards products, which follow market demands and the actual users needs;
– looking for collaborators, employees and workers eager to bring their ideas and suggestions, in full compliance of true teamwork;
– proving to be flexible and innovative in order to respond promptly to change requests from domestic and foreign markets.


Our customers

they help and guide us to improve not only our products but also, and most importantly, our ability to establish an ongoing cooperation with each customer’s different business.


The world around us

both our products and the materials we use respect the environment so we can live well today and even better in the future.


Our workers and our employees

we, as a company, are a group of people who express their ideas in a tight team work.


The flexibility

our strength lies in solving the world’s always-changing requests.


Continuos Improvement

we are always willing to change and improve following the tools and rules of Lean Production to be competitive and future oriented.